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I'm Shannon.

In high school, I was on a first name basis with every employee at my local Goodwill, while buying vintage clothing/home decor to repurpose. I also spent every paycheck I ever got buying supplies for my next craft project. So I guess you can say I've always had a thing for crafting.

Fast forward several years ahead, and I'm living in LA, dying to work in the film industry, but no real leads on any career paths that struck my fancy. While watching a movie, I turned to my husband and said, "Man, that would be so cool to be the person that paints the poster hung up in a high school for their upcoming pep rally". He replied, "Uh, that's someone's job...". Without ever knowing the Art Department existed, a few Google searches led me to finding a career, where I could get paid doing what I've always loved.

Soon after, I quit my cushy full time job, and set off to learn everything I possibly could about Set Dec. Since then, I've worked on a few TV shows, features, and learned so much- all while conquering my fear of heights! 

I love the little details that create characters, and help viewers become immersed in the world they're viewing. With my years of design experience, I am familiar with color theory, composition, and can apply my graphic design skills to accomplish tasks (I've used these skills on every single project I've worked on!). I am reliable, hardworking, and work well under pressure. I'm a self starter, and love to find solutions to problems. 

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Prop House Knowledge

Set Dressing

Graphic Design


Fiber Arts



Budget Tracking

Managing a team of set dressers

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